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Experts, Globalisation and Transformation in Late and Post-Socialism

Our workshop on Experts, Globalisation and Transformation in Late and Post-Socialism will be held at the University of Exeter on the 6 and 7 November, 2015.

Workshop Programme

Date: 6 November
Location: XFI Conference Room 1


Session 1: Why Study Experts in Late Socialism? Mapping a New Field
(1.30 – 2.30pm)

Chair: James Mark (Exeter)

Session 2: Legal Experts
(2.45 – 4.15pm)

Chair: Nelly Bekus (Exeter)

Michal Kopecek (Prague), Socialist Legality and Jurisprudence in ECE: From Discipline of Governance to Negotiating Change

Ned Richardson-Little (Exeter), Human Rights Experts in ECE

Raluca Grosescu (Exeter), International Criminal Law and Experts in ECE


Session 3: Transnational Experts
(4.45 – 6.15pm)

Chair: Tobias Rupprecht (Exeter)

Corina Dobos (Bucharest), Romania/Transnational Demographers

Petr Roubal (Prague), Prague’s Urban Planners in the Late 1980s

Ljubica Spaskovska (Exeter), Yugoslav Experts and the Discovery of Africa


Date: 7 November
Location: Forum Seminar Room 1

Session 4: Economic Experts
(9.30 – 11am)

Chair: David Thackeray (Exeter)

James Mark (Exeter), Hungary/Economic Experts and Re-imagining the World Economic System

Vitek Sommer (Prague), Czechoslovakia/Forecasting Expertise -“Prognostika” – and its Relationship to Economics

Joanna Wawrzyniak (Warsaw), Poland/Industrial Transformation and Experts


Session 5: Presenting the Overall Projects of Each Team
(11.30am – 12.45pm)

James Mark, Michal Kopecek, Raluca Grosescu, Corina Dobos,
Joanna Wawrzyniak + general discussion


Session 6: PhD panel
(2 – 2.30pm)

Anna Calori (Exeter), Yugoslav Economists and Globalisation

Session 7: Studying Experts in Late Socialism: Approaches, Methodologies, Archives, Oral Histories
(2.30 – 3.30pm)


Session 8: Future Collaboration
(4 – 5pm)

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