The Other Globalisers conference programme now available

Join the 1989 after 1989 research team for our conference on the “Other Globalisers” – how the socialist and the...

Ljubica Spaskovska’s Monograph Now Available: The Last Yugoslav Generation

Manchester University Press have now published Dr Ljubica Spaskovska‘s new book – The Last Yugoslav Generation: The Rethinking of Youth Politics...

CFP: State Socialism, Heritage Experts and Internationalism in Heritage Protection after 1945

Join us in Exeter for our collaborative conference with the Herder Institute exploring the rising contributions of socialist and non-aligned actors...

Join us for our conference on the “Other Globalisers”, Exeter 6-7 July 2017

The Other Globalisers: How the Socialist and the Non-Aligned World Shaped the Rise of Post-War Economic Globalisation Location: Exeter University,...

The Future of the Past: Why the End of Yugoslavia is Still Important

By Ljubica Spaskovska A new socialist model is emerging in the western Balkans. Can its political vocabulary transcend the ethno-national dividing...

Writing Human Rights into the History of State Socialism

By Ned Richardson-Little The collapse of the Communist Bloc in 1989-1991 is viewed as one of the great triumphs of...

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Neoliberalism: New Directions Workshop

Our workshop on Neoliberalism: New Directions took place on Wednesday 11th January at the University of Exeter. It brought together academics from Exeter, Oxford, Kings and UCL.


Welcome drinks

James Mark (Exeter) & Ljubica Spaskovska (Exeter)

Historiography and Neoliberalism
Richard Toye (Exeter)

Neoliberalism and Ideology
Ben Jackson (Oxford)

Lunch – Woodbridge Dining Room, Reed Hall

Neoliberalism and Social Policy
Bernhard Rieger (University College London)

Anglo-American Neoliberalism and Neoliberal Subjectivities
Christina Scharff (King’s College London)


Neoliberalism in the Global Semi-Periphery
Tobias Rupprecht (Exeter)

Neoliberalism and the Periphery
David Priestland (Oxford)

Closing discussion: ‘New Directions’; Writing a Network Grant

Workshop closes

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